How To Heal The Gut

July 14, 2021


Lindsey Peterson, FNP

We are often asked how we approach healing the gut…we’ll folks, the 5 R Protocol is the step by step process we take to help our patients find relief from uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms and improve their gut function long term.

While the 5 R Protocol is listed below in “steps”, often we are implementing many of these treatment strategies at the same time. It is the most comprehensive approach for addressing all angles when the gut is not happy, off, or is in need of a health reboot. See for yourself…

5 R Protocol
Step 1: REMOVE
Remove anything that may be negatively affecting the health of the gut, such as inflammatory foods (ie. gluten, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, etc.), potential pathogens (bacteria, parasites, yeast), foods you are sensitive to (testing for this may be necessary), stress, toxin exposures that you can control (ie. toxic cookware, plastics, personal care products, cleaning products, etc).

Replace anything that can aid in digestion and absorption of foods that may be missing, such as nutrient-dense foods (ie. healthy fats, proteins, and veggies), stomach acid for an improved breakdown of foods, digestive enzymes for better digestion of proteins, fats, and carbs, and fiber and other key nutrients (ie. Vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, etc).

Introduce more good bacteria to the gut and create an environment in which they can flourish. We do those by taking probiotics which are good bacteria found in fermented foods (ie. kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc), and probiotic supplements. We also encourage the ingestion of prebiotics, which are soluble fiber or resistant starches. Prebiotics are indigestible by the host (us) and feed the good bacteria present in the gut. They are found in vegetables.

Step 4: REPAIR
Heal the gut lining with healing foods and supplements such as L-glutamine, vitamin D, aloe vera, zinc, bone broth, slippery elm, and lactoferrin. Plus, we work on achiving restorative sleep, relaxation & stress reduction, and other healthy lifestyle habits.

Our lifestyle habits have an enormous influence on the health of our gut. We want to focus on stress management strategies, breathing, prioritizing relaxation daily, achieving restorative sleep, moving your body appropriately, improving relationships with others, which may include removing any toxic relationships that are not serving us anymore.

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