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We bring personal back to medicine and believe in real, genuine patient-provider relationships. Here’s how our patients feel about working with us.

“Heather with MT Functional Health was so thorough and detailed in helping me figure out some unexplained stomach pain I had been having after I had my second baby. Before seeing Heather, I had been to multiple appointments where I was told to continue taking medicine for something that didn’t require that. I was so vulnerable at that time and she treated me with so much care, kindness and thoughtfulness as she began the process to help truly heal my stomach pain. What I loved most about my experience with her is not only her successfully discovering exactly what was going on but her passion for finding the root of my pain, and not just treating my symptoms. I’m thankful for Heather every single day and my symptoms have completely vanished. She set me up for long-term success on my personal health journey with detailed diet info, exercise plans, and quality supplements which has improved my quality of life (and my family’s) immensely. Thank you so much, Heather.”
Lauren S.

“To say Lindsey gave me my life back is an understatement! For the last 6 years, I have struggled with digestive issues which led to lots of discomfort, weight gain, loss of confidence, and self-doubt. After trying to discuss these problems with various doctors and having numerous tests run, including a colonoscopy, the consistent and only answer I received was that I had IBS. I then met with a naturopath who ran additional numerous tests, but never really provided me with a plan of action or answers. Lindsey was able to take my physical and mental history, all my past tests and medical diagnoses, and my current condition and not only provide me with answers but create a game plan for me. She really listened and then responded. I never thought finding out I have an autoimmune disorder would be a relief, but it was because I finally had an answer. I now know what I can and can’t put into my body, I have lost weight, I know what type of workouts to do, and I am happy again. She gave me support, a direction to follow and a recipe for a new lifestyle that I can stick to – THANK YOU!”

Bailey H.

“Dr. Heather Maddox truly changed my life. After a long battle with exhaustion, unknown weight gain, horrible acid reflux, anxiety, and more…I learned about Dr. Maddox through a friend. Her intricate testing showed I had an autoimmune disease. I got answers and now can manage all of the horrible symptoms I was having simply through my diet. I can not express how much she has changed my life. Within weeks after my first appointment, I had more energy and all of my other unusual symptoms essentially went away. My brain was more clear and I felt SO much better. She is kind, patient, incredibly smart, and relatable. I can not recommend her enough.”

Leland R.

“My hope is that, someday, functional medicine becomes the norm and that everyone has access to the individualized, life-changing, root-cause identifying care that Montana Functional Health has to offer. Lindsey’s guidance has been instrumental in my health strides. Not only do I mentally and physically feel the best I’ve felt in four years, I’ve learned so much along the way.”

Carlee B.

“I was relieved to finally find a place that treated me as a person as a whole, not a symptom that needs a quick fix. I really appreciated Lindsey for her time, dedication, and true desire to take care of me. She was sincere, kind, and took her time trying to figure out what was going on with me. Heidi also blew me away at how incredibly knowledgeable she is about how foods can help contribute and alleviate GI symptoms and came up with a plan for me. Lindsey and Heidi were truly concerned about my well-being and wanted to help me out. I don’t feel like you get that type of empathy anymore. I’m thankful that Missoula now has this service to treat the health and well being for our community.”

Joey L.

If you are in search of the real deal then Functional Medicine is the answer. Rather than following the path of traditional medicine trying to mask or treat symptoms using medications, Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach and looks at the whole person and use a root cause analysis to find answers and solutions health issues you may be experiencing. I began my journey down this path several years ago, when I started to experience some health issues. First trying a traditional medicine approach using conventional doctors and prescription medication; doing my own research and then connecting with Dr. Heather Maddox, I began a life-changing journey. While this journey is not over, my health issues have dramatically improved and I have been able to eliminate some prescription medications. If you are looking for a compassionate, engaged, empathetic, and consummate professional, I highly recommend Dr. Heather Maddox and her Functional Medicine approach. Additionally, her genuine concern for me as an individual, not just a patient is a breath of fresh air. Good luck on your journey!

Pat Prendergast

I highly recommend Montana Function Health. It was a life-changer. I spent two years with specialists and general practitioners downplaying symptoms or flat out shrugging their shoulders and putting me under the IBS diagnosis umbrella. Heather Maddox’s intake interview alone was the most in-depth conversation I’ve ever had with a medical practitioner to that point. Every encounter I had after that was informative, helpful, and downright fantastic. There is nothing like having a team of people genuinely concerned and invested in your health.

Page P.

I really appreciate Lindsey’s approach and the way she looks at everything that’s going on in your life, not just one area. It’s not a quick solution like going to a doc and getting pills (nothing wrong with that) but if you’re interested to manage issues long-term without taking more meds, Lindsey + team can definitely help you out. My visit felt like a mix of therapy, coaching and a medical check-up all at once.


I have struggled with figuring out my digestive issues for years with no luck until I started with MFH! It was incredible to learn that things where way more than simply digestive issue and I completely feel like I have a better connection with my body. Both of these women are incredible to work with and they support a relationship that facilitates questions, time and understanding. You never feel like a question goes unanswered, or is annoying. LOVE the care I have received and will continue to come to MFH!

Lauren H.

“I was a bit nervous going into my amalgam removal. Lindsey took the time to ask me the necessary questions and we came up with a game plan that made me feel SO much better. Not only was I prepared and ready the weeks leading up to (and the day of), but I had a plan for after too. She taught me about methylation and why it’s so important. Highly recommend you meet with her prior to your procedure, your body and recovery will thank you. So nice to have her as a resource in your back pocket.”

Whitney M.

My health has dramatically improved since I began seeing Dr. Maddox. Beginning my very first visit, I noticed her approach to healing was dramatically different than traditional allopathic medicine, but still strongly rooted in eminent research. Dr. Maddox has a solid foundation from her years as a general practitioner, and is able to complement this knowledge with a functional and holistic approach that allopathic medicine is severely lacking. Dr. Maddox’s approach involved utilizing lab tests and patient visits to identify the root cause of my symptoms, and explore all possible treatment options. My visits with Dr. Maddox never felt rushed, and she took time after each visit to create a customized care plan unique to myself. The functional medicine approach to healing has allowed me to return to a normal life, and I am extremely grateful to have been under the care of Dr. Maddox.


Heather Maddox takes the time to truly hear you. She is committed to helping you reach your optimal health. I appreciate Heather because she treats the root of the health issue with a holistic approach rather than treating the symptom with a medical prescription that masks the issue. Her caring personality and sincerity make working with Heather so comfortable. I will continue working with Heather!

Brenda C.

My experience with Montana Functional Health was outstanding! I’d had long covid symptoms for a year and a half when I began working with Dr. Heather Maddox and her team, and had worked with a variety of other healthcare practitioners without improvement in my symptoms. Dr. Maddox took the time, through face-to-face and zoom appointments and through extensive testing, to not only adjust my diet and nutritional supplements, but to discover that I was also was affected by a mold infection….something I knew nothing about. Now, six months later, I’m almost symptom free and confident that I will entirely return to good health. Dr. Maddox is very knowledgeable, patient, generous with her time, a good listener, and an all around good human being. I highly recommend her practice!

Sarah E.

The MFH team has good ideas to get to the causes of not feeling one’s best. They are willing to spend significant time to listen and give suggestions.

Janne J.

“My experience with Montana Functional Health was phenomenal. Lindsey really listens to you, cares about your health and wellness, and tries to undercover the root cause of your health problems. Unlike traditional doctors, she doesn’t just try to treat symptoms, but she goes further and looks at your overall health to find out what might be causing health issues. For example, if you have heartburn, she’s not going to just give you pills and rush you out of the office. She’s going to take an in-depth look at your entire health history, eating habits, food sensitivities, any vitamin/mineral deficiencies, etc. to try to uncover the root cause of the heartburn.

The health coaching with Johnna was awesome as well! I learned SO much about nutrition and I thought I had a pretty good base knowledge beforehand.

These ladies are awesome – they’re caring, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable.”

L. L.

“I can’t recommend MFH enough! Heather is so knowledgeable, thorough & compassionate. After having to advocate for myself with my primary care provider & not getting any help, I found MFH. I felt HEARD for once. My symptoms are mostly gone & I’m doing SO much better.

I also worked with Johnna (the kickass nutritionist). She helped with all things nutrition & explained the body & nutrition in a way that makes COMPLETE SENSE! We discussed my lifestyle & ways that we can make my health plan attainable with my busy schedule! She’s very helpful & creative.

Every chance I get, I recommend MFH! It’s an investment, but to improve your health & symptoms it’s 100% worth it!

I’ve been with them for about 6 months. I had to cancel my monthly membership due to financial hardship. Once that gets back to normal, I plan to sign up again!

Thanks sooo much for helping me Heather & Johnna!”

Mandy W.

“MFH is a brilliant team of providers, I would give them 10 stars if I could. I have learned an invaluable amount of information from these ladies. They have helped me better understand my autoimmune disease, and how to better manage it through supplementation, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Not only are Dr. Maddox, Lindsey, and Johnna brilliant, they are excited and passionate about what they do, welcoming, easy to talk to, available…I truly cannot say enough positive things about MFH. We are lucky to have them in Missoula. As both a patient and a pharmacist, I truly believe Functional Medicine is such an important approach to healthcare.”

Katie G.

“I had an excellent experience working with Lindsey and Johnna at MFH. I appreciated the mix of traditional credentials and medical knowledge (board-certified nurse practitioner) with a more wholistic approach. The result was a personalized plan that took into account my health goals, lifestyle, and provided a more complete picture of my health—rather than piecemeal, symptomatic treatment.”

Keriann S.