Our Opportunity

We believe in healthy people living in resilient, balanced, equitable communities on a thriving planet.

At MFH we are contributing to a global culture shift, redefining success in healthcare and building a more sustainable clinic setting.

Quality patient care begins with a commitment to our families, our communities, and our environment.

Our Promise

  • The safety of our patients and the quality of our care are our primary concerns.
  • The prevention of disease and the promotion of health is the most sustainable way to ensure optimal, accessible, and affordable healthcare with minimal impact on the environment.
  • We minimize our waste by considering the lifecycle of our products. We provide recycled paper products, onsite composting and recycling, as well as natural, non-toxic and compostable/recyclable products.
  • Our goals include becoming carbon-neutral, minimizing water usage and waste, and using only products or materials that are healthy for our patients and the planet.
  • We understand and monitor the impact of our actions.
  • The brands we use are socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible, utilizing sustainable materials and technologies that are biodegradable and/or recycleable whenever possible, and are free of additives or toxic chemicals.
  • Our products pass stringent quality criteria including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) auditing & certifications; FDA and third-party inspections; label, facility, and finished goods quality testing practices, and compliance reporting and recall procedures.
  • We educate our patients about sustainability and how their own actions can positively impact our community and environment.