Our Top 5 Favorite Soups This Winter

January 29, 2023


Lindsey Peterson, FNP

Fall and winter are times we all want to stay in, hunker down, and enjoy meals that provide comfort. In our opinion, there is no better comfort food than a good hearty soup. You can easily get protein and vegetables mixed with spices for an abundance of flavor in a soup dish, you just need to find the right one! That was our mission this winter, to find the perfect soup. We searched many of our favorite blogs and found delicious classics, plus a few more fun recipes that really hit the spot. Our providers each chipped in, noting their favorite go-to soup recipes to compile this collective for you. In this short article we provide links to some of our favorite soup recipes by our favorite food bloggers. Enjoy!

Butternut Squash Soup
Over the years we have played around with finding the perfect butternut squash soup. We recently discovered this recipe that may now be our favorite fall/winter soup! If you once thought squash soups were bland, think again. Check out this easy butternut squash soup recipe that will transform the way you think about cooking.

Classic Minestrone Soup
Looking for a soup that helps you clear out those extra veggies stored in the fridge? This is it! This hearty Italian soup is ready to warm you and your tastebuds this winter. Add a splash of quality red wine for an enhanced flavor and dose of polyphenols.

Chicken Noodle Soup
After reading about all the sicknesses circulating this winter, of course chicken noodle soup made the list with all its immune boosting benefits. We makes ours with bone broth for added nutrients and benefits.

Quinoa Vegetable Soup
With a focus on colorful veggies, this hearty nutrient soup ensures you will feel light and satiated after a bowl or two. Quinoa is the only complete protein in the plant world, which is why it is our favorite grain! Get the nutrients you need and flavor you desire with this go to recipe.

Healing Ginger Coconut Chicken Brown Rice Soup
Last but certainly not least, this high protein, gut friendly soup made the list for good reason. Besides having a perfectly delicious flavor it is immune supportive and simple to create. Plus, it’s family friendly and offers the flavor variety any household desires.

We hope at least one of these recipes makes it into your meal routine! Check out the recipes index these bloggers provide, you are bound to fall in love with them like we did.