MFH Events

We’re excited to be offering in-person classes and events. We can’t wait to see you.

2022 Class Schedule

January 18th – Post-Holiday Detox

Too much sugar, alcohol, and overall indulgence this holiday season? We are here to teach you how to appropriately sweat, urinate, and eliminate built-up toxins and gently detox this new year for a safe system reset. Join us in person at our MFH office.

February 8th – Fasting Done Right

Let’s talk about the science behind fasting, the benefits a fast can provide, and what is actually considered a “fast”.  We will help you figure out what type of fast is most beneficial for your health and explain why. Join us in person at our MFH office.

March 14th – Gut Health & Going Gluten-Free

An unhealthy gut is a major root cause of inflammation and chronic disease. We will dive into the functional medicine approach to fixing the gut and will discuss the reasons some of us need to go gluten-free.  Plus, we’ll show you that gluten-free products can be delicious! Join us in person at our MFH office.

April 5th – Asthma Allergies Eczema, Oh My!

The triad of allergic disease often flares up in the springtime. We are here to talk with you about the process of allergies and inflammation and how you can positively affect your allergic response this season. Join us in person at our MFH office.

May 9th – Sneaking Healthy Things In Your Kids Food

The class all parents have been waiting for…happy belated Mother’s Day! Come learn sneaky ways to incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your kiddo’s diet day to day without them even knowing! This is the perfect class to take before school gets out and your family is on the typical summer go go go. Join us in person at the MFH office.